Quality Custom Doors

Alberta regularly experiences extremes of weather and temperature that can damage exterior wood doors, either by splitting or through decay. Traditionally white oak was used to build exterior doors due to it’s durability and close grain, however even white oak is only effective when correctly constructed and maintained.

Many modern door manufacturers prefer to assemble their products from metal or fiberglass to avoid these issues, but nothing can truly compare to the beauty and elegance of a well built wood front door. Some manufacturers try to fake this effect by laminating thin wood surfaces onto a composite core, but in Alberta’s weather these doors regularly suffer from delamination, swelling, rot and other defects after a few short years.

Furthermore, finishes such as paint, lacquer and varnish do not have the same lifespan in Alberta that can be expected in a milder climate.

For this reason James Crane builds all exterior doors from close grained, durable woods. White Oak, Ipe and Fir are not only tough but beautiful as well. To maintain stability in a wide range of temperatures and humidity a birch plywood core is used. The construction over this core is solid wood making delamination virtually impossible.

In order to avoid a finish that traps moisture a combination of oils and waxes are used to saturate the wood pores. With regular maintenance the luster of the grain can be renewed each spring, providing an appealing entrance to your home throughout the years to come.